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There are no friends only entries at the moment. This may change in the future.

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My main fandom is the Harry Potter book series, fanon, not so much canon, no cursed child, and no fantastic beast.
My OTP is Harry/Hermione

Other fandoms are Hey Arnold, the Dragon Ball series, and Pokemon.
My OTPs for them are Arnold/Helga, Gerald/Phoebe, Videl/Gohan, Goku/Chichi, Vegeta/Bulma, and Misty/Ash.
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All my fanfictions are at [archiveofourown.org profile] Tiffany

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Dec. 13th, 2018 07:43 pm
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I mostly blog on my personal site loveiszero.net/ (self-hosted wordpress site) but for ease so that maybe people can read what I am about I am going to link them below. I also have writing, graphics, recipes, art, etc on there. However, fanfiction wise I will always update my Ao3 first. The list is in order of oldest to newest. I also update once a week on Tuesdays, once on a Wednesday.

1. Where we are (Sept. 4, 2018)
2. Thirty things you don't want to know (Sept. 11, 2018)
3. In the defense of Lila Sawyer (Sept. 18, 2018)
4. I'm already there (Sept. 25, 2018)
5. #IBelieveChristineBlaseyFord (Oct. 02, 2018)
6. My Top Ten Ships (Oct. 09, 2018)
7. Writing Galore (Oct. 16, 2018)
8. Why your MLM is a Cult (Oct. 23, 2018)
9. Fake Activist (Oct. 30, 2018)
10. Single & Doesn't Want to Mingle (Nov. 06, 2018)
11. Why I am Childfree (Nov. 13, 2018)
12. A Day Late and A Dollar Short (Nov. 21, 2018)
13. A Tiny Update (Nov. 27, 2018)
14. Call-out Culture & Racist Family (Dec. 04, 2018)
15. My Top 11 Favorite HP Fanfiction (Dec. 11, 2018)
16. That one family member (Dec. 18, 2018)
17. The Graphic Games (Dec. 22, 2018)
18. Happy Holidays (Dec. 25, 2018)


Apr. 16th, 2018 07:36 am
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 I am going to start using this again, especially since livejournal is almost unusable now.  The only reason I visit there anymore is for the ONTD community.  I have cleaned up the journal, deleted some old tutorials that was bad and not worth keeping.  Now, all that is left is old graphics and resources, which I will be keeping up what I still have, some of it is lost, and my photobucket somehow deleted some of it.  Also, a good bit of it was on imageshack which never alerted anyone and deleted everyone's images. The reason I am keeping those is because I know some people still use and like them, and I don't want my journal to be completely empty lol.  I am also trying to clean up the tags. :)
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Dragon Ball Z - Battle of Gods
HD Blueray | Hard coded Chinese Subs | 1280x720 | png
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Made for [livejournal.com profile] tvcrush20in20

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Made for Round 16 [livejournal.com profile] tvcrush20in20

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One Harry/Hermione Manip.
It's been about 3 years but here's a new one.
Full, Color, & Rules behind the cut.

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[47] HHR Manips
[03] HP Group Manipuations
[04] HP Conceptual Manips
[03] Twilight Manipulations
[01] Twilight Movie Poster
Sorry those I no longer have.

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[1] Edward/Bella